The company undertakes activities relating to its main corporate objectives, or in order to assist its clients in pressing engineering matters. Such activities include:

  • Technical Feasibility Studies
  • Market Analyses and Financial Viability Studies.
  • Electrical/Electronic/Mechanical Installation Studies/Layouts.

Some reference projects are:

  • Document Archiving, Study, RETEX Programme, METKA SA., 1995
  • CIM, Study, RETEX Programme, SERVISTEEL SA., 1995
  • Industrial Automations in Greece, Study, Commercial, ELKEPA, 1996.
  • Intelligent Property Rights: The Legal Framework, Study, NEPOT project, SOLINET GmbH, 1997
  • Rapid Prototyping, Market Analysis/Translation, RETEX programme, INFOCAD SA., 1997
  • Market Analysis/ Software Tools CASE, SOLINET GmbH., 1996.
  • Market Analysis Call Centres, ISONET A.E., 1998
  • Market Analysis Real Time Operation Systems, TELETEL A.E., 1998
  • Market Analysis E-commerce software tools, INTARGET A.E., 1999.
  • Educational requirements of manufacturing enterprises in Central Greece, Polytechnic of Lamia, 1999.
  • Ministry of Economics study, ‘ICT Tendering and Contract Award Procedures’, 2007
  • Ministry of Education, Technical Consultant, 2007 – now.