ITC has provided specialized meteorological/oceanographic forecasting data solutions on several projects, the latest one being to Italian oil company ENI.

The main role of ITC in the project is the operation of a forecasting system for the provision of meteorological data (e.g. surface wind speed) in the ENI’s areas of interest and activity.

In total, high spatial resolution data (up to 1/64°) was provided for 17 regions worldwide (see diagram below) and for a 156 hour (6.5 day) forecast with an option for 10 days forecast if requested.

In addition, simulations for statistical calculations determining probable past conditions (hindcasts) are carried out, depending on ENI’s requirements, in order to record past weather conditions and evaluate the system in areas of high interest (e.g. Gulf of Oman).

The forecasting models have the capability of providing a wide range of meteorological data (wind speeds at different altitudes, temperatures, rainfall and others) from which the desired data are selected for the needs of each area of interest.

It is also the responsibility of ITC to monitor and operate these systems continuously due to the operational nature of the project.

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