04 Apr 2014

The project full title is “Energy Saving in Elevators” and it is funded by NSRF 2007-2013. The project started in May 2012 and its duration is 3 years.  The total budget is 500.000 € and the consortium includes KLEEMANN HELLAS S.A., a world-wide player in elevators and elevator technology. The  scope  of  this  project  is  to  apply  two  major  energy saving schemes for KLEEMANN HELLAS elevators:

  • A  smart  system  that  will  cut  down  electric  energy consumption  during  elevator  standby  mode  of  operation. This  system  will  be  applicable  for  any  type  of  elevator (hydraulic or electrical) and it is of great importance due to the  fact  that  stand  by  consumption  is  more  than  50%  of total  elevator  energy  consumption  on  annual  basis (according  to  relevant  measurements  conducted  by  the participating company).
  • A harmonic compensation and breaking energy exploitation scheme for electric elevators that will manage the large regenerated energy amounts during breaking and downward motion.

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