Weather and sea forecasting for the ENI Petroleum Company S.P.A. Italy

The company ITC SA on 15/7/17 won an international tender for the ENI Petroleum Company S.P.A. Italy to provide weather and sea forecasting in 14 areas of interest across the globe. EMI will receive the forecast data and import it into its own software and simulation tools used by the Company for oil spill management.. read more →

ITC awarded contract for meteorological Modelling of Qatar Civil Aviation Authority.

The Qatar Civil Aviation Authority / Qatar Meteorology Department (QCAA/QMD) upgrades its weather forecasting capabilities by initiating a major new project. In an open tender where ten consortia from Europe, USA and Korea participated and presented very interesting solutions, the evaluation declared the informatics company Qatar Datamation Systems (QDS), in collaboration with the Greek partnership.. read more →

MODUS (GA: 286583)

Software quality is of primary importance in the development of embedded systems that are often used in safety-critical applications. Moreover, as the life cycle of embedded products becomes increasingly tighter, productivity and quality are simultaneously required and closely interrelated towards delivering competitive products. Incorporating Formal Description Techniques (FDTs) into the SW development process remains the.. read more →


The project full title is “Energy Saving in Elevators” and it is funded by NSRF 2007-2013. The project started in May 2012 and its duration is 3 years.  The total budget is 500.000 € and the consortium includes KLEEMANN HELLAS S.A., a world-wide player in elevators and elevator technology. The  scope  of  this  project  is .. read more →

Optimum energy recovery system for industrial processes (23SMEs2009)

Investigation of the optimum energy recovery system for industrial processes, through active filtering and braking energy exploitation  The objective of the project is the research for an optimum technical and economical solution to compensate for industrial loads, which will lead to significant savings in electricity. The solution proposed will be relatively low cost and will.. read more →


Similar to aircraft applications, the reduction of fuel consumption in marine power systemsis of great importance, because it leads to reduction in CO2, NOx and SO2emissions, in travel costs and so to optimal use of fossil fuels. Moreover, the ship autonomy becomes higher. Ship emissions of NO2, CO, NMVOCs and SO2and primary particles cause problems.. read more →

Environment eartH2Observe (GA no: 603608)

The project eartH2Observe brings together the findings from European FP projects DEWFORA, GLOWASIS, WATCH, GEOWOW and others. It will integrate available global earth observations (EO), in-situ datasets and models and will construct a global water resources re-analysis dataset of significant length (several decades). The resulting data will allow for improved insights on the full extent.. read more →

Clean Sky THERMICOOL (GA no: 632436)

The aim of this work is to develop an innovative TEC for avionic application with maturity level TRL5, low power consumption and high efficiency and a combination of thermoelectric materials and energy harvesting techniques. The work will be based on the experience gained in previous works of the research team, concerning marine (ECOMARINE) and avionic.. read more →

Clean Sky RENERGISE (GA no: 287076)

During this project, in order to increase system’s efficiency, we studied the introduction of two power generation units, which produce electrical power from waste heat thanks to an energy recovery system. This power generation will be used in replacement of or in addition to usual generation systems that take their power from the Main Gear.. read more →

Virtual Museums

The goal of project Virtual Museums  was the implementation of a complete integrated environment for the exploitation of various artefacts that have been selected from the participating museums. This environment of a “virtual” museum serves cultural, informative and training purposes and is addressed at a wide spectrum of users. The users can be researchers, students.. read more →