04 Apr 2014

ITC awarded contract for meteorological Modelling of Qatar Civil Aviation Authority.

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The Qatar Civil Aviation Authority / Qatar Meteorology Department (QCAA/QMD) upgrades its weather forecasting capabilities by initiating a major new project. In an open tender where ten consortia from Europe, USA and Korea participated and presented very interesting solutions, the evaluation declared the informatics company Qatar Datamation Systems (QDS), in collaboration with the Greek partnership of Innovative Technology Center S.A. (ITC) and University of Athens (UOA), as the winner.

The Greek partnership is well known for successfully carrying out similar projects in Greece, Europe, USA, as well as other parts of the world including the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf region. Over the past eight years, it steadily provides a series of sophisticated meteorological and environmental prediction tools for numerous applications in the Gulf region. These tools (models) are well-known for their efficient predictions of desert dust and associated phenomena and can accurately predict day-to-day and extreme weather events. The setup of such systems needs to take place in a supercomputing system that will be assembled by QDS and maintained by QMD.

Well known forecasting tools like SKIRON/Dust and WRF will be installed and provide the regional forecasts. The high-resolution system RAMS/ICLAMS is expected to provide state-of-the-art predictions such as wind shear and fog for the new airport of Qatar, whereas wave and ocean forecasting systems (WAM and MICOM, respectively) will provide the necessary marine predictions. The forecasts will be available both to Qatar citizens as well as to the industry of the country. The new international airport of Doha and the flag carrier Qatar Airways, together with Qatar Gas and Qatar Petroleum that make up the heavy industry of the country, are expected to be substantially benefitted by the accurate weather and environmental predictions.


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