07 Sep 2018

The project “Reinforcement of secure transportation by means of an environmentally-friendly lighting system” aims to develop a new product (in the form of a laboratory prototype) which will allow for the prompt use of LED lights on trucks with the adoption of modern power electronics technologies in an energy-conscious way. In particular, the product to be developed will virtually increase the consumption of LED lights at appropriate levels so that the conventional central control of the majority of lorries recognizes them and does not sense that there is damage to lighting. The novelty of the proposed product lies in the fact that the power consumption of the virtual consumption will not be consumed in pseudo-loads (eg, resistors) but will be returned (recycled) to the vehicle’s batteries via a suitable electronic power converter to be developed for that purpose. Therefore, this proposed energy recycling system will enable the use of LED lights on trucks, minimizing the consumption of electricity. The expected benefits of this innovative product are multiple:

  • Enhance driver-transport safety through wider diffusion of LED lighting technology in an energy-saving way.
  • Upgrading the driving behavior of lorries, thanks to the wider adoption of LED lighting technology.
  • Extended battery life of the truck, thanks to the elimination of passive loads (muddles).
  • Helping to protect the environment by lengthening the durability of truck accumulators and thus reducing their replacement rate. This is particularly beneficial for the environment because it limits the need for recycling and, above all, the management of hazardous waste from lead-acid batteries.
  • Contribute to the reduction of gaseous emissions by reducing the need for recycling of truck accumulators.
  • Contribute to reducing energy consumption for the recycling of truck accumulators by lengthening their life span.

Therefore, the results of the proposed project will significantly strengthen DASTERI’s position on the world market for LED lamps for trucks, as the proposed product is innovative and concerns the majority of today’s trucks. This will result in the extroversion and export character of the company, with immediate benefits for its development and the creation of new jobs. In addition, the proposed project will stimulate the actions of industrial research and development of innovative electronic power technologies by Greek SMEs. In this context, ITC has been active over the last five years, with its participation in the development of innovative solutions for electronic power converters for electrified public transport. This research project is an important step for ITC to improve its position in offering services for design, development and support of innovative electronic power converters, with immediate benefits for its development and creation of new jobs. Finally, the proposed project is an important opportunity for co-operation between two Greek and Extroverted Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with additional expertise in project activities in order to fill a significant gap in the global market for LED applications for lorries.

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