Company Profile

ITC - Company Profile

ITC S.A. was established in 1994. Since that date ITC is a growing and profitable company active in the following fields:

  • Engineering, Financial and Certification consulting services
  • Management of and participation in high technology projects
  • Development and Support of innovative software applications.

Recent consulting assignments:

  • European Commission, 2000-2005, Growth Project Technical Assistant, 16 Projects.
  • European Commission, 2008-2013, NMP Project Technical Assistant, 3 Projects.
  • European Commission, Partner in ETI-SME2LEAD (100% funded).
  • Technical Consultant for the InfoSoc Programme, Greek Ministry of Finance.
  • Technical Consultant for the EPEAEK Programme, Greek Ministry of Education.
  • Certification Consultant for the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Selino, Gastouni, Lexaina and Xylokastaro, regarding the implementation and certification of their Integrated Farm Assurance/Management Systems according to AGRO 2-1/2-2 for olive trees.
  • Certification Consultant for DESPOTIKON and DORION Hotels in Mykonos, regarding the implementation and certification of their Environmental Management Systems according to ISO14001.
  • Certification Consultant of the non-profit organizations ‘ARGO’, ‘DESMOI’ and ‘EUROMARE’ for the implementation and certification of a Managerial Competence System according to the Greek Standard (Technical Specification) ELOT 1429.

Recent participations in and/or management of high technology projects:

  • ADAPT Α – 1997 GR – 544
  • 23SMEs2009 (2011)
  • MODUS (2011)

Development and Support of Innovative Software Applications:

  • ITC has co-developed and jointly owns the exploitation rights of the weather forecasting model SKIRON. SKIRON is the current operational model of the Greek Meteorological Service (EMY) and the National Centre for Marine Research. (EKTHE). ITC has also participated in the meteorological projects POSEIDON and NIREAS.
  • ITC has developed TruckManager a control software for truck loading applications, TruckManager is a top-selling product among Greek refineries.
  • ITC worked as an IBM subcontractor to install the new meteorological forecasting system of the Greek Meteorological Service (EMY).
  • Variations of this forecasting software are currently being installed in a large PETROCHEMICAL international company in Netherlands (Subsidiary of a SAUDI ARABIA oil production company) and ENVIRON, California, USA.

Partnership with IBM
In 2005 ITC signed a contract with IBM for the participation as subcontractor in the project of the installation at the National Meteorological Service of Greece of a new in High Performance Computing System for the Analysis of Meteorological Information.

In 2005 the company participated as a cooperating body to the European project ETI-SME2LEAD designed to help SMEs in their participation and proper implementation of projects financed by the 6th and 7th Framework Programme of the European Union. ITC’s experience in evaluating, monitoring and technical implementation of programs was offered through educational seminars, which were organized in 2005-2008 across Europe and targeted at SMEs.

Assessment of International Practices for contracts
In 2007, ITC launched the study “Assessment of International Practices for Contract, Monitoring, Collection of Studies and Projects ICT”, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (ESA IS) and the Design of Good Agricultural Practice Oil and Table Olives, Selino EOF (AGRO 2.1, 2.2).